Pre-certify the English level of your candidates


Streamline your hiring, improve communication across your organisation and get ahead of the competition with EnglishScore, an accurate and efficient mobile English test designed for the modern workplace.


Make hiring easier with an accurate English test.

Streamline your hiring process with a quick and reliable measure of your candidates’ English proficiency.

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Increase your talent pipeline of English-speaking candidates.

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Reduce hiring bias and focus on data-driven hiring decisions.



Improve communication and productivity in your organisation.

Identify communication gaps in your organisation and improve the performance of your workforce with a scalable English test delivered on mobile.

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Champion your top-performing Employers.


Understand and improve English proficiency across your organisation.



Optimise your client services teams.

Improve the communication level of your customer-facing teams through an accurate English test.


Quickly assess a candidate’s level.


Stand out from the crowd with a client services team certified by the British Council.


Become a recognising partner

Apply to join leading employers and institutions as a recognising partner of EnglishScore certificates.