Announcing The Approved Partner Programme

We are proud to announce the brand new Approved Partner Programme launching with some of Indonesia’s most respected universities and colleges. Designed to help students get work-ready, we are delighted to be partnering with trusted educational providers across Indonesia. This personalised approach will help universities track and assess their students’ English levels, in an easy and accessible way that is …

EnglishScore - GAVS

GAVS Technologies and EnglishScore partner on English proficiency test

GAVS Technologies partnered with EnglishScore to rollout a free English test to benchmark the proficiency of their current workforce. This exercise has allowed GAVS to identify specific strengths and weaknesses within their organisation and begin to put together a training plan to improve their skills.

EnglishScore - Teleperformance

Teleperformance joins EnglishScore Employer Partner Programme

In India, the Teleperformance recruitment team are using EnglishScore to screen candidates before an interview. Candidates are required to take our free 40 minute mobile English test. At the end of the test, candidates will receive a score aligned to CEFR and a breakdown of how they’ve performed against 4 core skills.
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