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Hire the top talent quickly by screening candidates’ English proficiency before an interview. Applicants can take the test from the comfort of their own home using their mobile phone, with their verified scores (including in-test photos) shared to an Employer Dashboard using a unique code..

Test results you can trust

Get a trusted English score for future or current employees in under 30 minutes. To ensure results are accurate and without compromise we employ a number of security features such as rotating item banks, in-test photo capture and connect-code technology.

Employer Dashboards include an overall CEFR and EnglishScore with an additional breakdown of scores by grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening.

Make quick hiring decisions

Use an EnglishScore dashboard to make quick hiring decisions or to inform training and development plans. Simply sign up, login and start sending test requests out to your candidates. Our easy-to-use connect code technology enables candidates to take the test on their own device and securely send their score with your organisation.

Basic Tests

Professional Tests

Access to a company dashboard

EnglishScore (0-599)

CEFR score

Standard security features

Photo-check technology

Sub-scores breakdown

Time to mark tests

24 hours

1 hour

Basic Certificate

Access to a company dashboard

EnglishScore (0-599)

CEFR Score

Standard Security Features

Photo Check Technology

Employer Verification ID

Sub-scores breakdown

Time to mark tests

24 hours

Printed Pro Certificate

Record of our achievement

Shows your EnglishScore and CEFR level

Add your own name

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Add to your CV and LinkedIn

Employer Verification ID

Secure photo check

Skills score breakdown

1 hour

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We used EnglishScore to understand the communication skills of our employees and were immediately able to identify suitable candidates for certain client facing roles.

Rajeev Pathak

GM, Learning & Development, ITC Hotels India

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