Tutoring for Business

Supercharge your workforce and unlock new opportunities through the power of English.

High quality tutors

Have your staff learn from the best. All of our tutors are professionally qualified, have years of experience and are British Council approved. 

All of our tutors have:

  • At least 2+ years online teaching experience
  • TEFL Certificate (e.g. CELTA)
  • Friendly, flexible, and professional teaching approach
  • Many of our tutors come from a business background

    Personalised learning plan

    We know that every team member has different needs. Thats why each learner works with their tutor to build a personal learning plan. 

    In the first session, tutors will run an informal test of the employees level. They will then discuss the learners objectives and interests (as an employer you can input into this). Then in each session the student and tutor will focus on different areas of the learning plan, and, after each session the tutor will mark off progress so you can see how they’re getting on.

    Lots of employees like to bring a real project, piece of work or scenario to sessions so they can practice with the help of their tutors.

    Account management

    We work with you to make sure your project gets up and running successfully and you are getting the results you expect. 

    We provide a number of services:

    • Regular project calls to align on objectives and results
    • Managed onboarding to set up learners for success
    • Regular progress reports so you can see how each learner is progressing
    • Dedicated support to help learners with any queries
    • (for enterprise clients) access to a dashboard to add learners, track progress and add additional sessions

    Learn more about how we can support your project

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