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I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa but currently live and work in the small fishing town, Lamberts Bay. I have over 11 years teaching experience both online and in the classroom. I love travelling and have lived and worked in Germany, Scotland, Spain and England. In my years as a teacher I have taught students from level A1 (elementary) to level C1 (advanced). I have also taught English improvement for postgraduate studies, and English improvement to South African second language learners. When I can, I run art workshops for local children, as well as make and sell my own art. I love teaching, both art and English, it’s hugely rewarding watching people develop and grow. My other loves are: drawing; eating good food and drinking good wine; playing (bad) golf, travelling, walks on the beach with my dog (and sometimes cat), reading online articles on psychology, science and history, watching documentaries on Netflix, and gardening.

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Work experience: I worked briefly as a commercial artist after graduating but nowadays, I prefer to sell my own artwork and merchandise locally and online. I also have eight years experience in hospitality, both front and back of house. Education: I studied at the University of Witwatersrand, in Johannesburg South Africa. I have a Masters Degree in Fine Art with majors in painting and art history. I also have a TESOL certificate which I obtained through the Wits Language School.

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