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Linda R is TEFL certified and a British Council approved tutor About me

I’ve been teaching EFL for over 3 years, having taught students who live in various parts of the world, including my home country, Canada. When you take lessons with me, you’ll improve your vocabulary, your reading comprehension, your pronunciation, your listening skills, your writing skills as well as overall fluency. I’ll also correct you on the spot, provide you with tips and some homework. Whether you are a professional who wants to improve your Business English, a student who wants to improve your language skills for an assessment, a young learner, or a stay-at-home mom, you will improve your English with me, and have fun too. I’m a mother, a grandmother and I love traveling, gardening and walking. I also enjoy laughing with my students.

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Work experience: years of experience working in the mental health field, working as a college professor teaching various courses in social sciences, and working as an employment consultant (HR) Education: BA in Psychology and Sociology, Bachelor in Education, Master in Human Development (MA), Masters in Education, as well as several TEFL certificates including Business English and Hotel and Resort English and Young Learners.

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