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Business English courses

English is one of the main business languages around the world. Good English is an in-demand skill and being able to communicate in English for work gives you an advantage for better job opportunities and higher pay.

Most of our British Council approved tutors have a background in business. Your personal tutor can help you with:

  • industry-specific vocabulary
  • giving presentations
  • business writing
  • understanding foreign business culture

Overall, these private English speaking classes will increase your fluency and general confidence in the workplace. You can even pick your personal tutor by nationality so you can get country-specific business insights from them.

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English Test preparation courses

Get your best score for the IELTS, TOEIC or Cambridge English exam. Our British Council approved tutors specialise in English exam training and preparation, and have years of experience helping students achieve their goals. Your private English exam preparation classes will focus on four key areas:

  • speaking
  • listening
  • reading
  • writing

For beginner students, your tutor will introduce you to the test format, test strategies, improve your general English, and get you ready for the test. For advanced students, you and your tutor will create a study and improvement plan to help you achieve your highest score. Your tutor will also share preparation materials and mock tests for you to practice with.

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General English conversation courses

Do you want to speak English confidently and fluently? Improve your English to speak with a loved one, or your loved one’s family? Prepare for a holiday to an English country? Or keep your English skills strong after returning from abroad?

This is a great conversational English improvement course to develop and improve your confidence. Our professional British Council approved tutors are friendly and conversational, focused on helping you practise speaking, reading and listening. You can expect to expand your vocabulary, improve your pronunciation, and learn real world English communication.

In your first lesson your personal tutor will aim to understand your current English level and understand your objectives. Then together you will build a learning plan to help you improve in the areas that matter to you. Time to get started with your private English speaking classes!

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