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Why is EnglishScore allowed to use your data?

We only use your data when the law allows us. These are called the “Lawful Basis”. There are three main Lawful Basis for EnglishScore using your data:

  1. Consent – when you agree to us using your data. You can change your decision at any time.
  2. Performing a Contract – when we have to use data to do something you want. For example, when you want to buy a certificate, we have to use your payment information data in order to perform that transaction.
  3. Legitimate Interests – when EnglishScore wants to use your data to help us or society as a whole. We can only do this if it isn’t harmful to you.
How does EnglishScore use data?

Here is a list of the main ways we use data. These are called “purposes”. Beside each use, we have added a number to tell you why we’re allowed to use your data (Consent is 1, Performing a Contract is 2, Legitimate Interests is 3).

  • To install EnglishScore and register you as a user (1)
  • To provide the EnglishScore test and services (1, 2)
  • To enable you to buy certificates or other things in EnglishScore (2)
  • To enable you to learn English, by sharing notes from tutors with other tutors (2)
  • To help our relationship with you, including telling you of changes to EnglishScore (1, 2, 3)
  • To deliver content (including advertising) to you, and recommend things that you might like (1, 3)
  • To communicate your test results with our customers and/or partners – but only if you have consented to us doing this (1)
  • To help us collect money you owe us (3)
  • To help us improve EnglishScore, including the test, our products and technology (3)
  • So that we can measure how well our content and products are working (3)
  • So that we can help keep you safe (3)
  • To help us manage and protect the EnglishScore business (3)
  • So that we can stop people using EnglishScore in bad ways (3)
  • So that we can provide you with prizes, competitions and surveys (1, 2, 3)
  • So that we can provide information to law enforcement authorities when necessary – as an example, if there is a cyber attack (3)
  • To communicate with potential customers, partners or suppliers (3)
  • So that we can help you if you have problems using EnglishScore (2, 3)

There are other reasons we may use data, such as if you’re applying to work at, or already work for EnglishScore.  Please ask us if you need to know more about this.

What data does EnglishScore collect?

We collect data from different places:

  1. From you: Some information is given to us by you. For example, when you fill in forms on EnglishScore or do our test.
  2. Automatically: Other information is collected automatically by us when you use EnglishScore. For example, when you use our website and/or app, we remember what you see, and what type of phone or computer you used. Some automatic collection uses cookies. There is more information in our Cookie Policy (
  3. From other companies: Sometimes we get additional information from other companies. For example, educational data from our partners if you use their services.
  • Identity (e.g. name and date of birth)
  • Contact (e.g. email address and telephone number)
  • Financial (e.g. payment information)
  • Transaction (e.g. payments to and from you, and information about what you buy from EnglishScore or our partners)
  • Sensor (e.g. audio, video, image and other sensor information on your device)
  • Device (e.g. type of mobile device and time zone setting)
  • Profile (e.g. your preferences and your username / password)
  • Usage (e.g. details of your use of EnglishScore)
  • Marketing and Communications (e.g. your preferences in receiving marketing from us and our partners)
  • Location (e.g. where your phone tells us you are, and where you tell us you are when buy something from EnglishScore)
  • Educational (e.g. includes answers you give us when doing the EnglishScore test, your assessment results, and feedback when you do learning or assessments from EnglishScore or our partners)

Some types of data are called “special” by the law. There are lots of types of special data. For example, information about your race, religion, health or sexuality.  We do not collect special data.

Who does EnglishScore share data with?

We share data with:

  1. Service Partners – third parties who help us provide EnglishScore. We only share the minimum amount of information for them to do what we’ve asked them. We require them to look after your data properly;
  2. Business Partners and/or Investors – companies and/or people who have a business relationship with us, or a financial interest in us. We only share data that is needed to help them understand EnglishScore’s business and finances; and
  3. Academic Researchers – with people who study and analyse data, for example to check the quality and robustness of the tests we provide. The data we share with academic researchers is pseudonymised, which means we have replaced or removed information in a data set that identifies you as an individual – so the academic researchers are unable to identify you from the data we give them.
  4. Our customers and/or partners only when you have consented to us doing this, we may share your name, email address, test results and the date you undertook the test with our customers and/or partners. If we do this we will ask you in the form of a consent box for each customer and/or partner that we intend to share your data with.
  5. Other EnglishScore Users (Speaking and Writing Assessments only) — In order to receive a Speaking score, you consent to sharing your responses with other users for evaluation. Only your country location and your audio responses are shared. You will never be individually identified in this process

You can see our list of Third Parties (

Some of these companies might be outside the European Economic Area (EEA). We always make sure that your data will be looked after, by having the right contracts with the companies or by checking if they are in an “adequate” country or are part of “Privacy Shield”. Please ask us if you need to know more.

If we choose to sell, transfer or merge (join) parts of our business, or if we choose to buy other businesses, the new owners will be able to use your data in the same way we have described in this privacy policy.

How does EnglishScore look after your data?

We use technical and organisational ways to keep your data safe. For example, we use encryption and security to help store the data. People who work for EnglishScore only have access to data they need to do their job, and important documents are protected by passwords.

If there is a data security breach (for example, if the wrong person has access to your data) and the law says we have to, then we will tell you and the appropriate regulator about what happened. A regulator is a company or organisation that the government has chosen to check that companies do the right things.

How long does EnglishScore keep your data?

We keep your data as long as we need to for our permitted purposes or to comply with the law. Any data not needed for our permitted processes is routinely deleted or anonymised (which means we remove information that identifies you).

What rights do I have?

You have control of your data, and you can ask us to do things with it. We must do what you ask or tell you why we can’t. Here are some things you can ask us for:

  • a copy of the data we have about you;
  • to make changes to the data we have about you if there are mistakes;
  • to delete the data we have about you;
  • ask us not to use your data for some purposes;
  • ask us to help transfer your data to another company;
  • tell us you have changed your mind about how you want your data used (withdraw consent); and
  • stop using your data for marketing purposes.

We work with many other companies. They help us provide our service to you. You can see our list of Third Parties here –, which we may update from time to time.

We may tell you about products from other companies. When you ask us to or where you agree, we will share information with them. They may have their own privacy policies. We recommend you read their policies before you agree to let us share your information with them.

We may change this document. We will tell you if we make important changes. Sometimes you may need to read and accept these changes to continue using EnglishScore.

We do not collect information about children.

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