Terms of Use

Who can use EnglishScore?

You can use EnglishScore if you: 

  1. are an Adult;
  2. you follow all the rules for using EnglishScore; and
  3. you use EnglishScore only for your personal use and not for any business (commercial) use.

I don’t have a phone or device. Can I use EnglishScore?

Yes. You can use someone else’s device if you have the owner’s permission. You must follow our rules even if it’s not your device.

EnglishScore account

Most parts of EnglishScore need an account. You can join EnglishScore by making an account. You must give correct information when you make your account. You must protect your password. You are responsible for everything that happens when you are logged in. If you think someone else is using your account, you must tell us immediately. We may ask you to confirm your email address. If you use someone else’s address, a temporary address, or try to hide who you are, then we may terminate (stop) your account.

Do you update or change EnglishScore?

Yes. Sometimes we update our App and change our Services. We will do this to make EnglishScore better and safer to use. If you don’t install these updates you might not be able to use EnglishScore.

How do you use my data (information)?

We use data for lots of different reasons. The full list is in our Privacy Policy (https://www.englishscore.com/privacy-policy).

I don’t want EnglishScore anymore. What should I do?

You can terminate (stop) your account by emailing contact@englishscore.com. You should download your Certificates before terminating your account otherwise these will be deleted when we terminate your account.

Are there any restrictions on how I use EnglishScore?

Yes – you must not:

  1. let other people use some or all of the App without getting our permission;
  2. copy any part of EnglishScore (although automatic backups of your phone are allowed); 
  3. change any part of EnglishScore without our permission (this means you cannot translate, merge, adapt, vary, alter or modify, the whole or any part of EnglishScore nor permit EnglishScore or any part of it to be combined with, or become incorporated in any other programs);
  4. use EnglishScore in a way which (i) breaks the law, (ii) is fraudulent (not telling the truth), (iii) is malicious (makes problems for EnglishScore or other people) or (iv) does not follow our rules for using EnglishScore;
  5. infringe (ignore) our intellectual property rights, or the rights of other people or companies (including by using our Content or content of Our Partners without permission);
  6. send or use unkind or horrible material (words, sounds, videos or pictures) when using EnglishScore; and
  7. sell your phone without deleting our App from it.

Is anything forbidden?

Yes – you must not: 

  1. cheat on any of the Tests – for example, you are not allowed to use a dictionary or look up things on the internet when doing a Test;
  2. help anyone else to cheat on any of the Tests;
  3. download, screenshot, photograph or copy any of the Content, including questions; 
  4. share the Content, including questions and answers, with anybody else, or publish it online
  5. take a Test for anyone but yourself; 
  6. allow anyone to take the Test for you or help you during a test;
  7. give a false name, or somebody else’s name, when you purchase a Certificate; 
  8. give a photograph of someone else when you purchase a Certificate;
  9. make your own copies of Certificates;
  10. modify (change, alter or edit) Certificates;
  11. sell, or offer for sale, your Test results or Certificates; 
  12. create multiple user accounts; and
  13. use EnglishScore for any purpose other than to learn English;
  14. do anything else that can cause damage to EnglishScore.

Can you force me to stop using EnglishScore?

Yes, we can terminate your account for any reason and at any time. We will normally only do this if you break our rules, or if we think you have broken our rules, for using EnglishScore. If we terminate your account, then any licenses we grant to you to use our Content and/or Services automatically terminates. We will tell you by email if we terminate your account.

What happens after my account is terminated (stopped)?

When your account is terminated:

  1. you must stop using EnglishScore and remove it from your device.  If you have made copies of any of our Content, you must immediately delete them;
  2. your Test results may be deleted from the database used by third parties to verify Test results;
  3. EnglishScore will not be liable to you for any losses you may suffer as a result of your account being terminated;
  4. EnglishScore will not be liable to refund any amounts that you have already paid to EnglishScore and/or any of Our Partners; and
  5. any parts of our rules for using EnglishScore which are intended to survive termination will continue to apply to you – these include, without limitation, ownership of intellectual property rights, disclaimers, limitations of liability and any indemnities you provide us.

Who owns the intellectual property rights?

Our intellectual property rights:

Any and all intellectual property rights in EnglishScore (including the App, Content, Certificate, Feedback and Services) belongs to us (or our licensors) (the ‘EnglishScore IP‘).

We grant (give) you a licence that is non-exclusive (i.e. other people can use it too), non-transferrable and non-sublicensable (i.e. you can’t transfer it to anyone else), revocable (i.e. we can cancel it at any time) and limited to the duration of the legally binding agreement between you and us (i.e. it will automatically terminate when we terminate your EnglishScore account or if you terminate your EnglishScore account) to use the EnglishScore IP for your personal use only. This licence means you do not own EnglishScore, but you can use it because we give you permission.

You cannot use our trade marks without our permission.

Your intellectual property rights: 

Any and all intellectual property rights in User Generated Content that is uploaded by you belongs to you (or your licensors) (the “User IP“).

Your grant (give) us a licence that is non-exclusive (i.e. other people can use it too), transferable and sub-licensable (i.e. we can transfer it to anyone else), royalty free (i.e. we don’t have to pay you for it), worldwide (i.e. we can use it anywhere in the world), irrevocable (i.e. you cannot cancel it) and perpetual (i.e. it lasts forever).

You understand and agree that we may change or remove any unkind or horrible material posted by you or other Users

Your Certificate

You can show your Certificate to anyone so they can see your EnglishScore. Each Certificate is valid until the date shown on the Certificate.  We may revoke (take away) your Certificate if you cheat or break any of our rules for using EnglishScore.


If you are required to send us a notice or otherwise get in touch with us, you must do so by writing to us at Legal Department, Scale Space, 58 Wood Lane, London, W12 7RZ, United Kingdom or by emailing us at contact@englishscore.com.

If we are required to send you a notice or otherwise get in touch with you, we will email you at the email address you supply in your EnglishScore account. It is your responsibility to ensure the email address you have provided is your current email address which you access frequently. 

Notices will be deemed received 24 hours after the email is sent or two (2) business days after the letter was sent to us (if you send a notice by post).

General terms

If any terms in this agreement become illegal, invalid or unenforceable for any reason, such term will be severed from the other terms, and the severed term will be deleted from the other terms so that the other terms continue to operate.  

If we fail, or we delay, to exercise or enforce any of our rights as contained in this agreement, that doesn’t mean we forfeit our right to enforce that right.

We are not responsible for events outside our control. If the Services are delayed by an event outside our control, then, although we will try to reduce the effect of the delay, we are not liable for such delays. 

This agreement is governed by English law under the exclusive jurisdiction (rule) of the English courts – meaning we must go to the English courts to resolve any dispute we have about this agreement if we fail to resolve the dispute outside of the court system.

Contact us

This website is owned and operated by BC EnglishScore Limited.

If you have any questions about our cookies or this cookies policy, please contact us:

(a) by email to contact@englishscore.com;

(b) by post to EnglishScore, Att: Legal Department, Scale Space, 58 Wood Lane, London, W12 7RZ, United Kingdom