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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are transferred to your computer or phone when you visit a website or app. Cookies may only stay for a short period (“session cookies”), and others stay for a long time (“persistent cookies”).

There are different types of cookies:
Some are “essential” cookies. Our websites will not work without them.
Some help you to use our websites. These are called ‘functional’ cookies.
Some help us to understand how you use our websites. They help us to fix any problems and give you a better experience. These are “analytical” cookies.
Some help us show adverts to you that are relevant to your interests. These are “advertising” cookies.

You can

Does EnglishScore use cookies?

Yes, we use cookies for lots of different reasons. The main reason is to help us make our websites easy for you to use. This might be by customising our App for you, helping you navigate our App, improving your experience, and storing your preferences and login information.

Can you delete cookies?

Yes. Remember that if you do this, some parts of our websites may not work. You can set your settings on your web browser to block cookies. You can find instructions on how to do this at or by using the “Help” menu of your browser.

How does EnglishScore use data in the cookies?

We use data for lots of different reasons. The full list is in our Privacy Policy (

Which cookies does EnglishScore use?

Some cookies we use are very important. Our websites need them. Here are our essential cookies:

  • “OptanonAlertBoxClosed”,
  • “OptanonConsent”,
  • “ss_cookieAllowed”: These help us understand which cookies you have accepted.
  • “PHPSESSID”: This is needed to log in to our websites
  • “REMEMBERME”: This remembers your username to make it easier to log in when you visit our websites
  • “__zlcmid”: This stores your user name and email to help our customer service team know who you are and give you help.

These essential cookies may change. We will update this list if they change.
Other cookies we use are called “non-essential cookies” – you can use our App without these cookies. If you want to know about our non-essential cookies, please contact us.

Does anyone else use cookies on EnglishScore?

Yes, some other companies (third parties) we trust may set cookies when you visit our websites. We work with many other companies. They help us provide our service to you. You can see our list of Third Parties here –

Contact us

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(a) by email to;

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