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EnglishScore helped me to have an idea of my level in both reading and listening and then to improve before my TOEFL test. It has been very helpful and amazing to assess myself and get the certificate.

Adama D, Mali

This application helped me assess my skills in the English language that made a positive impact to my Linkedin Profile.

Merell R, Philippines

How does EnglishScore work?

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What is an EnglishScore?

A trusted and accepted score

Our team of renowned researchers regularly reviews and improves our test to ensure you always take an accurate and unbiased assessment.

With certificate holders in over 100 countries, EnglishScore has become a global standard of English proficiency, recognised by leading employers and institutions around the world.

From 0 to 600, aligned to CEFR

You can score up to 600 points on our free English test. Each hundred point band is one CEFR level (A0-C1). Our score gives you a better understanding of where you sit within each band.

Instantly calculated and expertly designed

Each question in our English test is designed to assess a specific skill and CEFR level (A0-C1). We measure the core competencies of English: grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening. Within these skills we assess language elements such as tenses, prepositions, modality and meaning.

We use the latest technology to instantly calculate your results.

Thank you so much for your app. You’ve made me sure, that I haven’t been wasting time for the last half a year. My current level is B2, but my goal is C1. I’m sure I can take my skills to the next level.

Vladimir K

It is a very good application, which helps and facilitates to be able to take an international exam is highly recommended, since British Council is a serious and formal institution at an international level.

Raul V

Honestly, I like this programm which is very useful to identify your current level and you may know in which skills you have to improve. I recommend to apply this app who wants to know their proficiency. Seize a chance.

Murod S