EnglishScore Tutors How it works

Choose the right tutor, book sessions and build a personal learning plan in a few easy steps

Choosing a tutor

On our platform, we have loads of professional and friendly tutors for you to choose from. To find a tutor, you can search based on availability, whether the tutor speaks any other languages and the level they typically tutor.

Each tutor has a profile with an introduction video, reviews and information about their background. Booking sessions is easy: you can select a slot that works for you and book it in seconds. After booking with a tutor, you can chat with them using the chat box.

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Attending sessions

When it’s time for your session, you can join directly from the dashboard or click on the link we send to your email.

Our video-conferencing system has a number of tools so you can get the most out of your time:

  • Live video/audio chat
  • Screen sharing
  • Learning plan progress tracker
  • Notebook and audio recording
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Personalised learning plan

Every student is different. That’s why tutors work with you to build a personal learning plan. Learning plans are based on your current level, objectives and interests.

In each session, you can focus on a different area of your plan, and after each session, you can see the progress you are making right on the dashboard.

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