The English Core Skills Test for the global workforce

The global test and certificate of English for employment

Core Skills Test

The EnglishScore Core Skills Test is a secure and trusted measure of an individual’s English language proficiency. Our Core Skills Test measures the receptive English language skills in under 40 minutes, including:

  • Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Reading comprehension
  • Listening comprehension
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English for the workplace

The Core Skills Test uses multiple-choice questions with topics from the workplace and everyday life, such as conversations with colleagues, or interactions in the supermarket. The test is designed to mimic real-life conversations, helping to prepare people for the world of work and give a real-world assessment of their English proficiency.

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How is the test scored?

The Core Skills Test uses adaptive technology and automated marking to provide an accurate measure of an individual’s English level.

The test adapts based on a test-taker’s answers so they will only see questions that are appropriate for their ability.

Designed by assessment experts, EnglishScore awards a CEFR level from A2 to C1. This recognised global standard for assessing language proficiency is also accompanied by a more granular score from 0-599 and a breakdown of each skill level for grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening.

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Get prepared with our Core Skills Test Guide

Prepare for the EnglishScore Core Skills test with a step-by-step guide explaining how to get started, the test rules, what your score means and how to get your Certificate.

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