Enhanced test security

The world’s only mobile-proctored English test

Secure test design

We employ a number of technical, pedagogical and security features to maintain the integrity of the test.

Test items are stored securely in the cloud, with item banks added to, changed and switched on a regular basis. Each assessment is unique and generated from a robust item bank that is continually refreshed with new content. The test itself uses item branching, with later items generated dynamically based on early responses.  Screen-capture is also disabled throughout the duration of the test. Read our full security report here.

Secure test design Image
Photo-check technology

As the world’s only mobile-proctored English test, we use the camera to capture photos at random intervals during the test and store these securely in the cloud. These photos are then presented in a security report within the professional certificate, to show that the test-taker is alone and unassisted throughout the test.

Photo-check security is also available within our dashboard for employers and education institutions.

Photo-check technology Image
Unique and verified certification

Every EnglishScore certificate is a unique and verifiable record of a test-taker’s English proficiency. We employ a number of measures to secure certificates, including watermarking of both in-app imagery and the certificate itself and password-protecting to prevent editing.

Each Professional Certificate comes with a unique reference number and the ability for employers and education establishments to verify the validity using a verification link.

Unique and verified certification Image