House Rules

We expect all our virtual students to be responsible for their behaviour when taking part in virtual lessons

Positive Behaviour

Both students and tutors at EnglishScore agree to the following positive behaviours:

  • be friendly, positive and polite;
  • follow the tutor’s instructions, and ask for help when needed;
  • communicate with respect, cultural sensitivity and politeness;
  • be responsive and participate to the best of their ability;
  • keep your mobile phone on silent and do not let it distract you;
  • communicate in English as much as possible;
  • be on time for all sessions and let EnglishScore know if you cannot attend a class for any reason by emailing:
  • attend lessons from a quiet location, such as a family room (not in a loud public place such as a cafe or on a train);
  • share any concern that you have about your tutor with EnglishScore by emailing the Safeguarding Officer:
  • allow EnglishScore to contact their parent, guardian or carer if they have concerns about their welfare or safety

Negative Behaviour

Both students and tutors at EnglishScore agree not to do the following negative behaviours:

  • use aggressive, racist, sexist, homophobic, abusive terms, swear words or language that may cause offence;
  • post or upload anything offensive, abusive or illegal to the platform or message service 
  • share personal information including contact details, social media accounts or any other private details about yourself or family members
  • attempt to contact their tutor(s) outside of the EnglishScore platform and to report any attempted contact by their tutor(s) immediately to the Safeguarding officer by emailing: