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Daina E has a South African accent and has taught more than 1586 students from around the world

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Daina E is TEFL and TESOL certified, specialised in IELTS, and a British Council approved tutor About me

I am a driven and ambitious individual who has a passion for education and languages. I am of the firm belief that teachers shouldn’t limit themselves by adopting one teaching methodology. Instead they should adapt their teaching style to meet the learning style of each student. It is for this reason that I place importance on getting to know each of my students and exactly what they need to achieve, so I can adapt my lessons to meet their personal needs. I believe that if a students learning style has been discovered and adopted properly, there will be no limitations to what that student could accomplish. No matter what you want to achieve I can adapt my teaching style to meet your needs. Whether it be business related, to better your conversational skills or simply get more creative with English writing or speaking, I am able to help you reach your full potential in a positive, productive and fun environment.

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Work experience: I have a background in law and experience teaching English both online and in the classroom. I have also worked as a student guidance manager and sales executive for an online education company where I was quickly promoted to business development manager. Education: Bachelor of Laws Degree Master TEFL/TESOL Certification (A grade achieved) Practical Legal Training Certification CIT Certification (counselor psychology and teaching activities included)

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