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Paul A is CELTA qualified, specialised in IELTS, and a British Council approved tutor About me

Hello, my name is Paul. I’m from London and have been teaching English since 2011. I now live in Italy where I continue to enjoy my passion for teaching English. I have taught adults of all ages in academies, in companies and privately, both in person and online. I have experience teaching General and Business English and also advanced exam preparation (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge and Trinity). I am a considerate and patient teacher and I really enjoy helping people improve themselves, which seems to work best when there is a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere in the classes. I’m interested in many subjects and activities and I love hearing about other people’s interests and learning new things.

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Work experience: I spent nearly 20 years working in Publishing, managing magazines and sales teams, which included selling advertising, sponsorship and web space to major clients in various industries, working with both Advertising & Marketing agencies and clients. Education: After receiving professional training and development throughout my career in Sales and Management, I obtained my CELTA certificate to teach English in 2011 and I have benefitted from weekly teacher training sessions since that time.

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