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Sarah-kim G is CELTA qualified, specialised in IELTS, and a British Council approved tutor About me

I describe myself as an insanely curious artist designing my life using creative principles and methodologies for continuous self-improvement. I’m fascinated by consciousness and how the human brain identifies and stores information. I enjoy accumulating knowledge in the areas of design, adult education, systems thinking, technology, psychology, spirit science, philosophy, nutrition, biohacking, coaching, language and music. My other interests include fashion, free-diving, yoga, meditation, breathwork, trail running, hiking, illustration, food styling and playing the guitar, but above all talking to people and exchanging ideas.

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Work experience: Multimedia design, animation, illustration, online tutoring, training facilitation, eLearning design, content and scriptwriting, storyboarding, editing. hospitality, customer relationship management and coaching. Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Design, Cambridge CELTA, Cambridge TKT, Train The Trainer.

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