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Hi Everyone! My name’s Scott. I’m a teacher with four years experience, and I’m well studied. Let’s start with my qualifications: I have a business degree. My majors are finance and supply chain management. I’ve also completed a university, post-graduate course in business research. I’m TEFL certified. I’m also a certified IELTS preparation specialist, and a certified Business English trainer. I’m currently studying a university, post-graduate education certificate in business studies and economics. In terms of my experience, I’ve taught English for four years. It’s mostly been general English, but I’ve taught a lot a business English as well, and a fair amount of IELTS preparation. I also worked for 2 years in a big corporation, and had my own small business for 2 years. I’d love to use my skills, experiences and what I’ve studied to help my students use English effectively in their own industries. So give me a chance and you’ll see that my lessons are an investment worth making.

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Work experience and education

Work experience: Finance, corporate (Degree major) Finance, personal (Degree, personal interest, personal experience) Supply Chain Management (Degree major, 2 years corporate experience) Logistics (Degree, work experience) Entrepreneurship (2 years experience) Education: B.Com Finance and Supply Chain Management Business Research (Post-graduate) PGCE Business Studies & Economics (Post-graduate, currently underway) Certificate in Business English IELTS Preparation Specialist Certificate TEFL Master (150hr) Certificate

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