EnglishScore Tutors referral programme

Terms and conditions

We are excited you are choosing to refer EnglishScore Tutors to a friend. Please note that our referral programme is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • As a referrer, you will receive $20 (in discount or payment) per every new customer that uses your link to purchase a pack of sessions
    • The referral reward is released only for the first purchase made by the new customer, not on a per-purchase basis.
  • A new customer means a unique user that purchases a full pack of lessons through your referral, starting at a 3-lesson pack.
    • If the referred user has previously purchased a $1 trial,  pack of lessons, or previously signed up for emails, they are disqualified as a referral.
    • If a unique referred user purchases a pack of lessons and then requests a refund of their purchase, they are disqualified as a referral. 
  • We will contact you at the end of each month if you have made any successful referrals to organise payment or discount codes.

By participating in the programme, you agree that we shall make the final determination as to whether any referral meets all requirements to be considered a qualified referral. Your participation in the programme does not authorise you to act on behalf of our business’, its parent’s or their respective affiliates’.