Reporting Procedure

At EnglishScore Tutors, safety is one of our top priorities. It’s very important to us that our tutors, learners and their parents are safe and feel like their safety is assured when using the platform. While we work hard to ensure that sessions are conducted in a safe and secure way, sometimes things can still go wrong.

It’s important that as a student, parent or tutor you report anything that doesn’t feel safe (no matter how big or small it seems). 

For example:

  • Concern for the student, tutor or others
  • Inappropriate language, behaviour or materials
  • Sharing personal information
  • etc.

If you encounter anything which you feel uncomfortable with, please report it immediately to George Eiloart our safeguarding officer: safeguarding@englishscore.com . 

When reporting please put “[URGENT-SAFETY]” in the subject line so we can address it quickly.

Safeguarding officer: safeguarding@englishscore.com