Announcing the signing of an MoU with Universitas Mahakarya Asia to assess English proficiency and improve the employability of students

EnglishScore and Universitas Mahakarya Asia are pleased to announce the joint signing of a Memorandum of understanding. As part of the recently launched Approved Partner Program, the year-long collaboration will prove the English level of students and improve their employability. 

With Approved Partner status, the university will be able to assess students’ level of English language skills. They will be able to issue co-branded certificates endorsed and accredited by the British Council to students. They will then be able to use these to prove their English abilities on future applications, raising their employability. The certificates can also be added to CVs and added to social media platforms like LinkedIn, enhancing their English portfolios. 

Universitas Mahakarya Asia will also be provided with a secure and personalised dashboard. Students will be able to use a connect code when tested, which sends their results immediately to the university. They will be able to track and measure progress, test progress and check the proctoring images to ensure security. The dashboard allows this university to test large cohorts of students efficiently and effectively, saving time, money on marking and administration. 

Students will also be able to see a breakdown of their scores by grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening. This will help them determine stronger and weaker areas, meaning they can make informed decisions about how to progress and study. Moreover, the British Council accredited certificate will help improve the employability of students to future employers.

EnglishScore CEO, Michael Curry welcomes Universitas Mahakarya Asia “We are delighted to welcome Universitas Mahakarya Asia to the EnglishScore community. As an Approved partner, we look forward to collaborating on opportunities over the coming year”. 

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