Making English Learning and Assessment More Accessible to Students in Vietnam

British Council EnglishScore is the largest Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) test in the world with over 5 million learners across 150 countries. It’s widely used in Vietnam, where CEFR-V (the Vietnamese version of CEFR) is the testing scale used in schools and universities.

The Ministry of Education and Training in Vietnam has set an ambitious goal under the National Foreign Languages Project to measure students’ level of English against CEFR-V every year and for all undergraduates to achieve Level 3 (B1) or higher by 2025. The aim of the project is to improve the standard of English language teaching, learning, and assessment in state primary and secondary schools, universities, and vocational training institutions throughout the country.

A 2021 research study by Can Tho University in Vietnam assessed whether this was an achievable target for students given the varying levels, motivations and exposure to English. The study found that it was achievable, but that English teachers and lecturers should help create better conditions for learning so students can gain the expected level. These include: 

  • Upgrading online resources to be more user-friendly and making online assignments more aligned with Level 3 of the CEFR-V. 
  • Making learning materials (in house-textbooks and supplementary materials) more attractive to help increase students’ motivation to learn English. 

We’ve been working with universities and English lecturers in Vietnam to help address some of these challenges. 


EnglishScore provides a user-friendly way to assess CEFR level


Since launching in Vietnam, EnglishScore has been partnering with universities and colleges across the country to help make English learning and testing more accessible to students. 

EnglishScore provides students with a user-friendly, convenient mobile test, to accurately assess English proficiency in accordance with CEFR.


Why our partners in Vietnam choose EnglishScore


The Government of Vietnam has set out to improve the standards of English teaching and assessment, with the overall goal of improving English communication skills among its workforce. EnglishScore has been supporting this journey, as the global test of English for the workplace.

EnglishScore uses layers of technology to provide a secure remote testing environment, which means universities can issue certificates that are accepted by thousands of organisations around the world. 

Here’s why our partners in Vietnam choose EnglishScore:

  • British Council EnglishScore is a trusted assessment provider which uses the CEFR scale 
  • Students can take the test on their mobile phones, which is convenient for them and helps with motivation
  • Remote delivery helps save on administrative costs involved in in-person assessment

Become and EnglishScore Approved Partner


British Council EnglishScore is selecting education institutions in Vietnam to join its Approved Partner Programme. As an Approved Partner, you can administer EnglishScore tests to your students or staff and issue certificates based on the results. Find out more about our Approved Partner Programme and if you’re eligible to apply.