How We have Created an Accurate Mobile English Speaking Test


Today, many English speaking tests rely on technology alone or one expert examiner to accurately assess communication skills.

But we know English is a global language, spoken and used by people in many different ways.

For most learners, being understood by others around the world rather than by one expert provides a more authentic reflection of the types of interactions they will have to deal with in a global workplace and their everyday life.

That’s why our Speaking Test is designed by experts and graded by real people.

Our latest validity report shows how the EnglishScore Speaking Test reliably and accurately measures communication for the global workplace.

Now English learners can easily test their speaking skills from anywhere in the world on their mobile phone and receive a valid, trusted certificate from the British Council.


Developing our English Speaking Test for the workplace


It’s important for all language tests to reflect the types of conversations and scenarios which people experience in real life.

EnglishScore’s tests are created with employment in mind, so our test items include lots of content relating to the workplace and professional situations. Employers want to see that people can communicate effectively in the workplace and we want people to be able to show them.

We’ve also included personal and public-related content to make sure our Speaking Test reflects experiences beyond the workplace.


A scoring model built by experts


Our scoring model uses AI technology to measure accuracy, and humans to measure real-world communication skills. 

Using each scoring method where it works best means we can provide accurate results within 24 hours – much faster than traditional English speaking tests and exams.

Our scoring model is built by expert examiners using thousands of test responses from real English speakers with a variety of accents. We then used AI technology and the grades from real people to match the experts. Controlled studies show that our scoring performs as well as a human examiner.

Our test awards an internationally recognised CEFR level from A2 to C1. This framework is a recognised global standard for describing language levels and respected by major institutions across the world. Find out more about how EnglishScore aligns to the CEFR scoring scale.


How does it relate to our Core Skills Test?


Our new English Speaking Test works alongside our Core Skills Test to give a fair representation of a learner’s English ability. 

Both tests are taken within the EnglishScore app (available on Android and IOS). Learners will take the Core Skills Test before the Speaking Test to first establish their grammar, reading and listening ability, then we’ll offer them a Speaking Test that’s appropriate for their level.


Our mission


We’re passionate about creating the best English test and certificate in the world for employment. 

That’s why we set out to develop an English speaking test which provides a more accurate reflection of communication ability and expectations in the workplace. 

We believe our test provides employers and universities with a more trusted and accurate measure of communication skills.