Increasing Access to Education and Careers in Indonesia with a Mobile English Test

At EnglishScore we believe that education should be accessible to all. That’s why we’ve partnered with Indonesia Cyber Education (ICE) Institute so students across the 17,000 islands in Indonesia can access learning, anytime, anywhere.

Students can now apply to the ICE-I edX Scholarship and use British Council EnglishScore’s trusted and affordable Professional Certificate as proof of their English proficiency.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) provides scholarships for diploma, undergraduate and master’s degree students who take courses at the Indonesia Cyber ​​Education (ICE) Institute.

The ICE Institute is a new online learning platform in Indonesia accredited by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology to help increase access to education, known as “Freedom of Learning for All”  (Merdeka Belajar untuk Semua).

Director General of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and Technology, Prof. Nizam, at the inauguration of the ICE Institute said: “The presence of the ICE Institute is an opportunity for universities in remote areas, which may not have access to high-quality learning resources or access to quality professors. Through the ICE Institute, they can access it all and get access to world-class learning resources.”

The ICE institute supports the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology’s programme “Free Campus, Free Learning” (Merdeka Belajar – Kampus Merdeka), giving students the flexibility and freedom to take courses outside of their study programme to help enhance their employability.

EnglishScore is supporting this initiative by helping to break down barriers to education by offering an accessible and affordable way for students to prove their English proficiency on their mobile device wherever they are and whenever they need it.

The ICE Institute has partnered with edX to offer university students in Indonesia access to high-quality online learning courses from some of the world’s best universities. The Scholarship enables students to choose from thousands of courses from many Indonesian and international universities and online learning providers.

Access scholarships in Indonesia with EnglishScore

To apply for the ICE edX Scholarship candidates must show proof of their English language level with a recognised English certificate. An EnglishScore certificate is recognised alongside IELTS, TOEIC and TOEFL ITP English exams. 

Candidates must achieve an EnglishScore of 320 and above in order to apply (equivalent to a TOEFL 475 and  IELTS 4.5).

Our test and certificate is also recommended by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Research and Technology in Indonesia as proof of English proficiency for the Talent Scouting programme.

Applicants will need to download the app, take the free test and then purchase the British Council accredited Professional Certificate to be considered. 

Become a British Council EnglishScore Approved Partner

To help young people improve their education and career prospects, we’re also partnering with universities and vocational colleges around the world to help their students test and certify their English proficiency.

Over 50 universities in Asia are now British Council EnglishScore Approved Partners, and we’re currently selecting the next cohort of universities to be granted Approved Partner status.

To find out if you’re eligible to join the Approved Partner Programme submit an application form.

Find out more about the Approved Partner Programme.