GAVS Technologies and EnglishScore partner on English proficiency test

GAVS Technologies (GAVS) is a digital transformation company with focus on AI, Predictive Analytics, and robotics-led Infrastructure Management services. GAVS is committed to improving user experience by 10X and reducing resource utilisation by 40%.

Operating across the globe, with approximately 900 employees in the US, UK, UAE, India and Oman, it’s important that their employees can communicate with large multinational clients. As highlighted in Cambridge’s ‘English at Work’ report: global analysis of language skills in the workplace shows that over 85 percent of employers view English language skills as important for their organisation, and this is just as true for GAVS Technologies.

As a result, GAVS Technologies partnered with EnglishScore to rollout a free English test to benchmark the proficiency of their current workforce. This exercise has allowed GAVS to identify specific strengths and weaknesses within their organisation and begin to put together a training plan to improve their skills.

GAVS employees take a free 40 minute mobile English test. After completing the test, employees receive a score aligned to CEFR and a breakdown of how they’ve performed against 4 core skills: grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening. These scores are then shared with GAVS Technologies internal team as a report where they are able to interrogate the data.

To find out more about the benefits of using EnglishScore to understand the English level of your current workforce, get in touch with us.