Introducing the New EnglishScore B2B Platform

Last week we launched EnglishScore for business, a tool designed to empower companies with their hiring and learning and development efforts. Today, we are offering companies access to the test platform free for 3 months, to help them through these challenging times.

Our platform, which is created in collaboration with leading researchers from the Centre for Research in English Language Learning and Assessment (CRELLA), offers a seamless and fully-integrated experience including a mobile app-based test and dashboard for tracking users’ scores. It can be used by companies to streamline the onboarding of new employees or to upskill existing teams.

The scoring system, which is aligned to the Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR), provides an even deeper understanding of where test-takers sit within each band. With this knowledge, companies can better determine prospective employees’ English competencies before interview, for a more streamlined process. Businesses can also use it to benchmark the English proficiency of their existing teams, enabling them to embark on a more targeted training plan.

How can EnglishScore help businesses today?
During these times of change and uncertainty, we understand that companies are faced with unique challenges and a rapidly changing job landscape. By using a mobile test, companies can continue to certify employees and candidates without the need for in-person assessments. EnglishScore is a valuable resource in helping workforces adapt and enable them to better respond to the needs of their employees.

Hiring can be a timely and costly process at the best of times. Our platform will inspire peace of mind for businesses by offering a way to pre-screen candidates and compare their scores. Meaning businesses can ensure that only candidates with the best English language skills are selected for interview.

As companies move towards remote working, it is of vital importance that employers ensure their teams remain productive and happy. Providing continuous learning and development opportunities for employees is a proven way of boosting productivity and job satisfaction. By offering the EnglishScore mobile app test to teams, companies can use test scores to measure their team’s competencies from afar and pinpoint areas for training and development to strengthen their workforce.

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  • Test English proficiency remotely
  • Streamline your recruitment process
  • Ensure only the best talent reaches interview stage
  • Save on hiring costs
  • Strengthen your workforce
  • Offer better training and development opportunities
  • Boost productivity and engagement
  • Increase job satisfaction

We invite you to set up your business account today, to gain full access to the test app and dashboard for free.

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