Pre-employment English testing for the NHS

In July 2020, we partnered with Health Education England, an executive non-departmental public body of the Department of Health and Social Care to help make their international pre-screening process more effective. We partnered with them to assess over 2,500 nurses who were looking to move from India to the UK to work for the NHS. Candidates had to take a pre-employment English test to assess for skill and suitability before interviews.

The Problem

Finding the right candidates to fill a role can be a frustrating process. Adjusting to remote hiring across international borders has meant that recruitment can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavour. 

The EnglishScore solution

We developed a rapid pre-employment screening process, to help speed up recruitment so only top candidates were selected. Collaborating with six recruitment agencies based in India, nurses took the EnglishScore test to prove their English level. Using a specialised dashboard, administrators were able to rank, filter, sort and search for candidates. Admin then had the ability to export these results and contact applicants based on their English language levels. 

Taking the EnglishScore test

The secure test was available to candidates remotely. Using an Android or iPhone with a front-facing camera, candidates were able to take the test remotely. This helped keep candidates safe and moreover, saved the admin time and resources in setting up a formal examination. In addition, a web test was also available for candidates who did not have the correct phone. Candidates could also receive an official British Council certificate so they could prove their English level to future employers.

The specialised dashboard

Candidates were then able to use a unique connect code to share their results, which were immediately shared to a secure dashboard. The admin then had the ability to invite high scoring candidates to the next phase of interviews based on their ranking. Moreover, with a minimum score required of applicants, candidates could determine whether they had made it to the next phase of interviews

Using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), the test analyses an applicant’s level of English grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening skills. Internationally recognised, the results would indicate if a candidate would be able to pass the exam needed for the visa later in the selection process.

The future of recruiting

As companies move towards remote working, the hiring process must remain accurate and safe. The EnglishScore mobile test and dashboard is an efficient and effective way for businesses to pre-screen candidates remotely, saving time and resources. 

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