Taiwan Universities Accelerate the Development of Bilingual Education with EnglishScore

Taiwan has been at the forefront of education’s digital innovation for many years.

The Department of Information and Technology Education, a division of the Ministry of Education (MoE) in Taiwan, is dedicated to providing digital solutions to make education accessible to everyone – regardless of location, or ethnic background.

To make students more employable in the global workplace, the government’s Bilingual Nation 2030 Plan is working with universities to help make half of graduates from participating institutions bilingual before 2030.

In line with this mission to democratise learning and improve the employability prospects of students in the global job market, EnglishScore is partnering with many universities across Taiwan to help students and staff develop and prove their English proficiency with a convenient digital solution – whether that’s for placement or monitoring progress. Furthermore, EnglishScore is now officially recommended by Taiwan’s MoE as a digital learning product.

In developing the Bilingual Nation 2030 Plan the MoE also collaborated with the British Council to better understand the current status of Taiwan’s bilingual education and provide a baseline for future planning and implementation strategies. In the plan, the Ministry explains the need for accelerating the development of bilingual higher education before 2030:

Students are faced with rapid globalization and digital technology, as well as intensifying competition with young people from neighboring countries. To secure good jobs and incomes after graduation, future university students in Taiwan will have to be able to keep pace with international developments in their field of expertise, communicate and collaborate with professionals from other countries, and even work in markets worldwide in line with the deployment of Taiwanese industries. All of these challenges will require a high level of English proficiency.

Here is a selection of the universities in Taiwan that have joined EnglishScore’s Approved Partner Programme.


A digital solution to English assessment


British Council EnglishScore is selecting higher education institutions in Taiwan to join its Approved Partner Programme.

We partner with universities and colleges to help them assess their student’s English proficiency using our mobile test – providing students with a respected and accepted certificate from the British Council to make them more employable, and help them get their next job.

We also work with a number of employers across the world to streamline their recruitment and learning and development programmes. 

As an Approved Partner, you can administer EnglishScore tests to your students or staff and issue certificates based on the results. All results are stored and accessible from a personalised reporting dashboard.

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