Universities in Latin America Innovating in English Assessment

Universities in Latin America are pushing forward digital innovation in English assessment as EnglishScore welcomes universities to its Approved Partner Programme.

The COVID-19 pandemic certainly increased the uptake of tech-based solutions designed to facilitate education and examinations, often remotely. Since then, universities and colleges across Latin America have seen the operational and cost benefits of digital assessments and are now looking to build on these learnings and innovate further.

English learning and certification is a key part of the curriculum in most Latin American education institutions. Since launching in the region in June 2022, we’ve partnered with universities across the continent looking for digital ways to assess English – for either placement, graduation, monitoring progress, or all of these combined.

EnglishScore is also set to help universities achieve their internationalisation goals by improving the English language skills of students, staff and faculties to become recognised internationally.

Here’s a selection of Latin American education institutions that have joined our Approved Partner Programme and are using our online, mobile test and certificates to adopt a secure and easy to integrate English assessment without the operational costs.


Join our Approved Partner Programme


British Council EnglishScore is selecting new Higher Education Institutions in Latin America to join our Approved Partner Programme.

We partner with universities and colleges to help them assess their student’s English proficiency using our mobile test – providing students with a respected certificate from the British Council to help them gain employment.

We also work with a number of businesses globally, including Welldex Logistics in Mexico, to streamline their recruitment and learning and development programmes. 

As an Approved Partner, you will have the authority to administer EnglishScore tests to your students or staff and issue certificates based on the results.

To see if your institution or organisation is eligible for EnglishScore’s Approved Partner Programme, click the button below.