Vision Express Joins EnglishScores Approved Partner Program

Vision Express India, is in partnership with Reliance group, is part of the world’s leading optical retail chain. In India, Vision Express has over 160 stores across 30 cities offering eyewear products as well as eye care services.

The Challenge

Already a leader in the optical retail industry, Vision Express is looking to solidify its position as the top provider of optical care & eye wear products in India. To accomplish this Vrushabh Jain, Corporate Trainer at Vision Express said he “wanted to ensure our staff’s English communication skills were second to none”. In order to achieve this, Vrushabh and his team set out to “gain a deeper understanding into the English proficiency of their employees, in particular their reading and writing levels. The wider business aim being to improve customer service across the organisation.”

Having never tested their employees before, Vision Express saw EnglishScore as the perfect solution to conduct this wide scale testing.  The desire to gain a deeper understanding against the backdrop of  Covid 19 meant Vision Express needed a method to test their employees remotely and safely.

EnglishScore solution

EnglishScore offered Vision Express free access to our Employer dashboard. This allowed the Learning & Development team at Vision Express to administer tests across their organisation, with results for each employee sent to a secure dashboard. The partnership with EnglishScore also offered Vision Express employees with a free British Council certificate. 

Employees could access the test from their android devices and take the test remotely at a time that suited them.


Using EnglishScore gave Vision Express greater visibility into the English level across the organisation, something they’d never had sight of before. Vrushabh Jain said that “the online dashboard was a great tool to quickly identify top performers and employees who need to improve.”

Speaking to Gary, a user of the test and store manager, he described the test as “very user friendly” and “easy to use”.

With the visibility of all employees’ scores and performance Vrushabh Jain is now using this data to develop training plans. “Once we have analysed the data in the dashboard we will start to look at developing training plans to get employees English level to the standard we desire”.

With the satisfaction felt from testing current employees Vrushabhalso sees this tool as “beneficial in the recruiting of new staff” as it “will allow us to filter out weaker candidates,  saving time and money on recruitment.