Accurately assessing students’ English in line with the CEFR scale

Unicervantes is a private university based in Bogotá, Colombia. It is accredited by the Colombian Ministry of Education and has been recognised for its academic excellence and innovative teaching methods. 

It is devoted to pioneering teaching approaches, offering pupils an education that champions practical ability and real-world encounters.

An important component of its academic offering is developing and certifying English communication skills in line with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) to help students find work after graduation. 

Robinson Carrascal Ballesteros, Coordinator of the Extension Unit and Language Institute at Unicervantes explains how EnglishScore has enabled the faculty to accurately and efficiently assess and certify students in line with CEFR.

The challenge

In order to test thousands of students each year, teachers at the University were required to create tests internally which aligned to the CEFR scale, and organise test sittings, which was a time-consuming process each semester. 

Furthermore, marking, verifying and approving the certifications was a lengthy process that often resulted in a delay in communicating scores to students.

The action

By partnering with EnglishScore, Unicervantes is able to avoid many of the administrative and logistical costs associated with its internally created tests. 

EnglishScore is taken on a mobile phone, meaning students are able to take it at a time that suits them, with all marking and test results processed within 24 hours by EnglishScore, freeing up staff to focus on teaching.

EnglishScore’s online dashboard also enabled the university to award certifications within one or two days of the tests being completed.

The result

Since joining British Council EnglishScore’s Approved Partner Programme, Unicervantes was able to save staff time on the testing and certification of students.

With EnglishScore, they’re able to accurately test students in line with the CEFR scale and provide them with a globally recognised English certificate which they can use to help secure employment post-university.

With teachers now having more time to devote to their students, the faculty was able to focus on delivering quality education, while leaving the exam administration to EnglishScore.

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