Enhancing Workforce English Skills for Global Success

In an increasingly interconnected world, global companies are invested in developing the English language skills of their employees. 

FPT Information System, a leading provider of technology projects and services in Vietnam and across the world, recognises the significance of effective English communication for their workforce, offering a comprehensive English training programme for customer-facing employees.

As part of this, FPT Information System partnered with British Council EnglishScore and within their first three months completed over 3,600 tests. 

We spoke to the Learning and Development team at FPT Information System to understand how they’ve implemented EnglishScore and the benefits it has had for the English learning programme and employees at the company.

The challenge

FPT Information System operates in a global market, catering to enterprise and government customers. 

With over 3,000 employees across three locations in Vietnam, the company faced the challenge of enhancing the English communication skills of its workforce, especially those that engage frequently with foreign customers.

Phan Thị Phương Thảo, Learning and Development Specialist at FPT Information System, explains FPT Information System’s recent strategy is “Go Global”, so improving the English of its employees is paramount.

FPT Information System sought a cost-effective solution that could provide an accurate assessment of its employees’ English skills that enabled its distributed workforce to take the test remotely.

The action

FPT Information System partnered with EnglishScore and quickly integrated its mobile English assessment into their course enrollment process.

Phan Thị Phương Thảo explains the three key reasons behind their decision to choose EnglishScore:

  1. Reasonable cost – Able to choose the most cost-effective option for them.
  2. Test security – AI proctoring prevents cheating and increases accuracy.
  3. Vast test bank – EnglishScore constantly creates new test items and analyses each one for reliability and validity.

“Our employees are so busy with their work, but with the mobile delivery feature they can do the test any time anywhere they want,” explains Phan Thị Phương Thảo. EnglishScore’s remote test also minimises disruption to day-to-day work.

The result

By utilising EnglishScore, FPT Information System has been able to assess the English proficiency of its distributed employees accurately.

This data has empowered the company to tailor their English training program based on individual needs, ensuring targeted skill development for each employee.

“Globalisation is well known in the 21st century, so the responsibility of the company to improve the English skills of its staff is very high, and it will help develop and retain the employee as well,” explains Phan Thị Phương Thảo. 

By equipping its workforce with strong English communication skills, FPT Information System demonstrates its commitment to providing exceptional services to its international clientele and achieving success in the global marketplace.

Are you looking to test your employees for training or recruitment? Get in contact with our team to find out how you can implement EnglishScore within your organisation.

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