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Supporting Graduates’ Transition to the International Workplace

Samutprakan College of Commerce and Technology (Sam’ Tech) is one of the leading vocational institutions in Thailand offering many courses, including Accounting, Marketing, Business, Computer and Digital Business Technology, Tourism and Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Dr. Paninee Saenghiran, Multilingual Programme Manager at Sam’ Tech, explains how the Languages faculty is taking steps to improve the delivery and accuracy of its English assessments to support students in their education and transition to employment.


The challenge


Before using British Council EnglishScore’s mobile English Test, Dr. Paninee explains that Sam’ Tech used a pen-and-paper assessment written by the staff. 

“The process was complicated. Our teachers would take a week or two to create the test based on previous lessons they’d taught and we’d then have to arrange the exam sittings.”

As with most internally written face-to-face assessments, creating the test, proctoring and marking come at a cost to the teaching staff’s time and at an expense to the faculty. 

However, it wasn’t just streamlining their assessment processes that led Dr. Paninee to search for an alternative English assessment solution. The faculty’s current test didn’t offer a certification or qualification upon passing that students could add to their professional profiles.


The action


Dr. Paninee wanted to achieve three things for her students, staff and faculty:

  1. To unburden her team of the need for pen-and-paper English exams
  2. For students to achieve an internationally recognised certificate to support their transition to employment
  3. To provide students with a more convenient test that enables them to perform at their best

As a college with technology at its core, she began the search for a digital English test and found EnglishScore.

“EnglishScore helps our students prepare for the real world. Not only does it give them an accurate measurement of their English level, the Certificate they receive will also support them in their future – whether that’s further studies or employment.”


The result


By joining EnglishScore’s Approved Partner Programme, Dr. Paninee was able to provide students with a more convenient test and a widely recognised Professional Certificate, whilst reducing the workload of her staff.

“British Council EnglishScore’s Certificates are widely recognised, which gives our students the confidence to apply for international courses and work. We’re excited to continue to develop our teaching, learning and assessment processes to build on the positive impact of the Language faculty.”

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