Bringing a Tech-First Solution to English Language Testing in Korea

EnglishScore has already received a warm welcome from a growing number of businesses, governments and education institutions in Asia.

More than 1,000 organisations across Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Taiwan have adopted the test and are certifying the English level of their students and staff.

At the beginning of 2022, we launched in Korea and now we’re proud to welcome KT Corporation, one of the largest telecommunications businesses in the country, to our Approved Partner Programme.

A joint commitment to improve English learning and testing


The breakthrough feature of EnglishScore is its digital exam that can be taken on a smartphone, using the selfie camera to monitor the test-taker. This makes it much more accessible and affordable than well-known tests such as TOEIC that take place in an invigilated exam centre. 

EnglishScore and KT Corporation signed a MOU (memorandum of understanding) in April 2022, committing to encouraging the availability and adoption of the mobile exam to KT Corporation’s customers and subscribers. 


Together we’ll also explore additional projects, including the development of new online English education offerings, combining the experience and digital capabilities of the KT DX business division and British Council’s expertise in English language teaching and assessment.


An accessible digital alternative during the pandemic


Accessibility is playing an ever-more crucial role in the learning and testing of English. 

The pandemic certainly accelerated this movement in Korea – as it did across the world – and we’re very happy to support businesses to streamline and elevate their digital transformation with digital, user-focused solutions.

“We’re delighted to partner with KT Corporation.” Says Michael Curry, CEO of British Council EnglishScore. 

“The Covid pandemic put a spotlight on the importance of accessible digital alternatives to education and assessment. With the help of a leading Korean brand in KT, we’re excited about expanding the impact of our mobile English exam throughout Korea, helping universities and businesses test and certify the English language skills of their students and staff.”

Park Jung-ho, head of KT’s Customer DX Business Group, says, “The education market is a market with a greater need and opportunity for digital transformation based on non-face-to-face solutions than in any other field, and we agreed on the direction of market development through DX leadership with British Council EnglishScore.”


Become a British Council EnglishScore Approved Partner


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