The EnglishScore Test: Security Report

How does EnglishScore approach test security?

For those interested in learning more about how EnglishScore supports the integrity and reliability of its results, we have released a public report detailing the different layers of security embedded throughout the test. These measures are designed to reduce cheating and theft of test material without comprising accessibility, efficiency and individual rights to privacy. 

EnglishScore’s security measures are aimed at safeguarding four critical areas:

  • Test item security: Ensuring the security of the test development process and the integrity of the content. (Guarding against test theft).
  • Exam security: Ensuring a fair testing experience by enforcing test rules (Guarding against breach of test rules).
  • Certificate security: Ensuring that every EnglishScore certificate can be relied upon as an authentic measure of test taker proficiency. (Guarding against fake certificates).
  • Information security: Following best industry practices to protect individual user data and secure our systems. (Guarding against cyberattacks and exploits).

This report should be read by score users, educators and others interested in the test.

You can download a copy of the report here.