Staying Safe Online

For the safety of Young Learners, all sessions with Young Learners on EnglishScore Tutors are recorded and securely stored.

Whenever a student is having a session with EnglishScore Tutors there should be a parent / guardian in the house. 

In the first lesson the tutor will introduce themselves to the parent / guardian. From then on lessons should be conducted in a quiet space where the learner  can concentrate but a door should always be kept open so they can call the parent / guardian if they feel unsafe or unhappy.

Tutors and students should not use personal email accounts, social networking sites, mobile phones or other means of communication to contact children. Always use the EnglishScore platform to meet and communicate.  

Virtual communication should take place within clear and explicit professional boundaries. Tutors and students should avoid discussing personal information and all interaction between learner and tutor should stop once the lesson is finished.

And remember as always, any allegations, suspicions and/or disclosures of risk of harm or abuse should be reported immediately to the Safeguarding Officer: